Any marketer worth their salt will know that you have to understand who you're talking to before you can, well, sell them something. Generally these audiences are broken down into age, gender, and location brackets. With the increasing wealth of data that many sites now collect, though, there are an ever increasing number of brackets.

But, for Web3, these metrics have less sway. This is partly due to the difficulty of actually getting this information in such a privacy-focused industry. Rather, what starts to be important is to understand where on the learning curve a user is. Are they a weathered dev from the earliest days of blockchain? An experienced investor? Or a newer entrant, still beholden to the wild swings…and often burned…by this wild market?

While this is one way to break it down, there are of course others…belief-based or money-motivated? Creator or collector? Dev or investor? As audiences continue to expand and more ethical data collection takes off, this will change. But for now, focussing on the learning curve gives you a lot of information about who and how to target.

So, how do we categorize audiences?

Generally, it can be broken down into four categories.

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Crypto Natives

Crypto Enthusiasts

TradFi & Techies